Spring is always an exciting time of year! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the semester is almost ending. Also, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Whether you plan on attending a fiesta this weekend or taking a siesta, here are some tips to stay safe this spring!

  • Eat before you go. Whether you grab Burger King or Amore’s, make sure you have food in your stomach before and during drinking! This will allow some of the alcohol to get absorbed into the food instead of in your bloodstream, which can prevent some effects of alcohol. The most effective types of food for this are fats and proteins.
  • Know your laws. Avoid being bummed out by fines and know your laws! Here are some consequences that could happen if you are caught drinking while underage:
    • First offense-losing drivers license for 90 days, $100 fine
    • Second offense-losing drivers license for 1 year, $200 fine
    • Third offense-losing drivers license for 2 years, $300 fine
    • Lawyer Fees
    • Possible court time (depending on how you plead)
    • Potential community service time.

Make sure you are familiar with these rules before you go out. You will have a more enjoyable time, and your wallet will thank you!

  • Remember your limits. You might have a lot of friends with you at the fiesta, but it is important to remember that everyone has their own limit. Remember that BAC (blood alcohol content) can vary from person to person, and this can affect your own personal limits. Make sure to pace yourself by having only 1-2 drinks per hour, and drinking water in between drinks.
  • Know the warning signs. It is always important to look out for your amigos! Make sure you can recognize if your friend is in trouble. In the event of an emergency, stay with your friend and call 911. Follow these signs if you think your friend needs emergency care:
    • MUST: Mental Confusion, Unresponsive, Snoring/Gasping for Air, Throwing up.
    • HELP: Hypothermia, Erratic breathing, Loss of Consciousness, Paleness/Blueness of Skin
  • Finally….have fun! But always stay safe!