10 Ways to Get Baked

While April 20th has been unofficially claimed by pot smokers as “weed day”, there are many ways to get high without marijuana!

  1. BAKE! You can bake anything from brownies to cookies to cupcakes. The possibilities are endless. All you’ll need are some eggs and vegetable oil. Get healthy alternative recipes on Pinterest.
  2. Make string bracelets! Remember when you were in elementary school and you made your parents buy you string in every color imaginable? Well, you’re never too old to make some friendship bracelets! Don’t forget to pick up the colors purple, gold and white!
  3. Feeling crafty? Tie-dye some t-shirts! Come to the Wellness Promotion program “Get Baked” and tie-dye cypher on 4/20 in Sykes 10 A from 6-8pm.
  4. Kick back, and roll up… in a comfy snuggy with James Franco and Seth Rogan in Pineapple Express or your favorite movie.
  5. Get lost in time and space through video games! Bust out that old Wii and play some Super Mario Kart.
  6. Totally check out. Ditch your cell phone and enjoy the great outdoors! Go on a nature walk, and appreciate the flowers in bloom
  7. Have a concert in your room! Make a playlist of all your favorite jams. Dance by yourself or with friends until your feet hurt!
  8. Whip out a board game! Monopoly will keep you busy for HOURS!
  9. Read a book! It’s never too late to finally read The Hunger Games trilogy!
  10. Lastly, just have a good time. Whether you do something mentioned above or you just hang with family, remember to live every day to the fullest!

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