5 Tips for Finding Balance in College:

Everything you do in college depends on one very important word: balance. Creating your own definition of what balance means will set you up for success during you four years here.  Here are some tips to help you create your own definition

1. Keep calm and get organized

I can contest that I am a hot flaming organized chaos. Organization doesn’t always mean color coding, highlighter and sticky notes. There are many tools, both physical and digital, that can help you get and stay organized.  As digital agers online planners are vastly becoming a part of everyday life. I mean who has time to write these days right?! Utilizing a planner whether it be for every second of your day to big events can help you balance out your days while simultaneously avoiding procrastination and stress.

2. Tick Tock time management is a major key!

Once you’ve found an organizational tool, you’ll be one step closer to reaching time management success! Dedicate five minutes out your day to actually rechecking your syllabus, club meeting, study times and Wawa runs to keep track of your goals

3. Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!

Regardless if you made it through high school without ever opening a book, we’re in a different league now, and it’s impossible to get a college degree without ever studying. Finding the right place to do so is part of the puzzle. For example, maybe you study more efficiently at the library with other like-minded students than your room all by yourself. Or maybe you work better in a group with open discussions. Finding where your focus is strongest will help you begin to study.

4. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!

Whether one is living on or off campus West Chester offers many food options! And an increasing amount of restaurants take Ram bucks! Remember the planner we discussed? Try to schedule some time for yourself, treat yourself and splurge some cash at Amore’s or try a new Buzzfeed recipe. As you reach new stages of your life, you’ll need to create new definitions for balance


We all know finals is right around the corner, so remember to put some time aside for friends and fun! College isn’t just about tests and studying, but about making memories and lifelong friends. Whether you go for a walk through the South Campus trails or see a SAC movie, spending time venting with friends helps reduce the stresses of college. Go out and explore your beautiful campus!

“Life is about balance. Be content, but never stop improving yourself.”