As we just celebrated the first day of spring a few weeks ago with free Rita’s, Dairy Queen, and American Pie Pizza, the warmer weather is coming and not only are food places excited but so should you!

We have all been there with the winter drag of staying inside, cuddled up with blankets, and Netflixin all day long because who likes the cold anyway? Fear no more, well until next winter, the sun will shine bright and cold no more!

Here’s some ways to get out of the winter blues:

  1. Get out of bed because it is sunny and warm out, therefore go for a walk outside or read your favorite book outside!
  2. Buy that bathing suit you’ve been wanting all winter because the warm weather is coming!
  3. Wear your favorite bright colored shirt and show it off now that it’s warm out.
  4. Open up the windows in your house instead of turning on the lights in your house (save electric too!)
  5. Cancel that gym membership and go for a run or exercise outside!
  6. Plan your summer garden out
  7. Plan your summer vacation!

Say no more to the winter drag, spring is finally here!