Now that were fresh out of the V-day hype, and the overload of the Facebook and Instagram post about everyone’s bae has subsided, lets  time where we can show our appreciation for the loved ones in our lives. We can all agree Valentine’s Day is great, hallmark holiday that celebrates love, but what about the other 364 days of the year? Whether you are buying for a family member, a BFF or a bae, we could all use just alittle bit of love and encouragement throughout the entire year. With that being said small gifts from the heart can add up quickly! As financially challenged college student how we can show our affection without emptying your wallet. Here are three easy DIY love themed crafts that will warm their hearts without breaking the bank.


“Reasons Why I Love You” Jar: This cute jar is a good way to show your love!

It is customizable for anyone who is receiving it. The jar can say whatever you want!

  • What you’ll need: jar, ribbon, construction paper, sharpies/markers
  • What to do: Cut out little strips of paper for the notes. Write your note on the sheets of paper and roll them up like a scroll. Tie them with ribbon and place them in the jar. You can also make a label for the jar like the one below. Super easy!


“Movie Night”: The price of a movie ticket these days seems to parallel to a weeks’ worth of gas. Instead of paying to see a movie in the theater, how about a comfy movie night in? Here is a cute gift idea that is good for anyone special in your life that can also include tasty treats

  • What you’ll need: A basket or tin, movie of your choice, any snacks you like! (popcorn and chocolate can be a good option)
  • What to do: Fill the tin with things that you think the receiver will love! This is a great gift option because it’s something you can do together. In addition to movies, you can put snacks, pillows or even a gift card for other movies if there is room in your budget! The possibilities are endless!diy3
  • “52 Cards, 52 Reasons”: Here’s another twist on the 52 Reasons jar above! Again, this idea is totally customizable for the receiver of the gift! You can write whatever you want to say on the front as well as on each card.
    • What you’ll need: a deck of cards (52 cards total), a paper hole punch, scissors, a glue stick/tape, ribbon (shown below, but you can also use binder rings), construction paper, sharpies, a computer and printer (if you want to print the messages instead of writing them)
    • What to do: It’s best to write out your reasons first, then cut them out. You can also add pictures to personalize them even more. Spread out the deck and arrange your pictures and words. Use the paper hole punch to add two holes to each card, it’s best to do this before gluing anything down. Then let your cards dry, tie the ribbon through it and you’re done! (but you could use binder rings instead of ribbon, too!)