No matter what year of college you are, the spring semester always has a special feel to it. Between the almost endless rain, Banana Day, and the glorious spring break, the spring semester always full of life!

College is all about discovering who we are and what we like, which is why it is so important to set goals for yourself. It could be anything, but choosing a goal and sticking to it can be the difference between a good semester and a bad one.

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”       – Jim Rohnnic-blog-pic

Striving for good grades. With a new semester brings a new start and what a time to do so other than the spring! Grades and GPAs from the Fall are officially in,  some may be regretting one to many thirsty Thursdays, while other maybe coasting at their 3.0. Regardless there is no doubt that, at some point, everyone struggles with classes. Maybe it is the professor or maybe it is the course material; it makes no difference. What is important is that we can all better ourselves, and our GPA, by working as hard as we can to get the grades we want. Invest in a calendar, designate appropriate study times, head to the library, or even get a tutor!

Become more active on campus. WCU has a lot to offer, some things you may not have even knew existed! Clubs and organizations around campus are always looking for new students to join them. Finding one that interests you could let you express what is important to you, help plan the future of your education, and introduce you to new friends.

Make more time for friends and family. The connections you make at college are often the everlasting ones. Taking time out of the day to hang out with friends or call a loved one makes a difference and can brighten your day.

Try something new. Easy as that. Now is the time to try new things and explore your interests. Perhaps it’s something you have never heard of or something you have always wanted to do. Trying something new can change your college experience in ways you would never expect. Join an interesting sounding club on campus, learn a new language, or even try playing that instrument you always found cool. Do it and stop limiting yourself!

Set new goals and stick to them. It can be difficult, but with enough self-discipline, there are no limits Rams.