Alright Rams, listen up and fasten your seat belts, because the Office of Wellness Promotion has events designed to make your semester fly by…

February: “the month of love”

  • Valentine’s Day themed Condom Bingo. Pick up your heart shaped condoms- I mean candy here.
    • 7, Sykes Ballroom B @7
  • How to be Single
    • Learn how to be your own bae through self-love and care
      • 9, Sykes 255 @
  •  Period Party
    • When is one most likely to get pregnant during the menstrual cycle? Find out here! Did I mention red velvet cupcakes?
      • 15, Sykes 115 @11-1

March “the month of Spring Break”

  • GYT
    • Get yourself tested with a simple urine sample. Just in time for Spring Break.
      • March 8, Sykes 10-2
  • Spiritual Wellness
    • Align your chakras and connect with your higher self through movement and meditation
      • March 22, Sykes 115 @ 7
  •  PostSecret:
    • Have you ever wanted to publish your secrets anonymously for the campus to see? Come by Sykes and submit your secret. Visit to learn more!
      • March 21-23, Sykes
    • Postsecret creator Frank Warren will be coming to campus to share about his amazing work!
      • March 28, Asplundh @ 7

April “the month before summer break”

  • Get Baked
    • Get in touch with your inner hippie through tie-dying and free food
      • April 20th

May “the month of Finals week”

  • De-stress Fest
    • Combat the tension of finals week through the power of puppies, free food, and fun activities
      • May 3, Sykes Ballroom @11-1