Attention All Rams! Major Event Alert!

Alright Rams, listen up and fasten your seat belts, because the Office of Wellness Promotion has events designed to make your semester fly by…

February: “the month of love”

  • Valentine’s Day themed Condom Bingo. Pick up your heart shaped condoms- I mean candy here.
    • 7, Sykes Ballroom B @7
  • How to be Single
    • Learn how to be your own bae through self-love and care
      • 9, Sykes 255 @
  •  Period Party
    • When is one most likely to get pregnant during the menstrual cycle? Find out here! Did I mention red velvet cupcakes?
      • 15, Sykes 115 @11-1

March “the month of Spring Break”

  • GYT
    • Get yourself tested with a simple urine sample. Just in time for Spring Break.
      • March 8, Sykes 10-2
  • Spiritual Wellness
    • Align your chakras and connect with your higher self through movement and meditation
      • March 22, Sykes 115 @ 7
  •  PostSecret:
    • Have you ever wanted to publish your secrets anonymously for the campus to see? Come by Sykes and submit your secret. Visit to learn more!
      • March 21-23, Sykes
    • Postsecret creator Frank Warren will be coming to campus to share about his amazing work!
      • March 28, Asplundh @ 7

April “the month before summer break”

  • Get Baked
    • Get in touch with your inner hippie through tie-dying and free food
      • April 20th

May “the month of Finals week”

  • De-stress Fest
    • Combat the tension of finals week through the power of puppies, free food, and fun activities
      • May 3, Sykes Ballroom @11-1

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