Get your costume ready because it’s that time of year! With costume parties galore, who knows what you can get into! Partying and drinking can be fun, but it is important to know how to be safe. Halloween is on a Monday this year, so for some people this means more time to enjoy the festivities; for others that means sitting out and getting work done. If you do go out, learning how to be safe while drinking can prevent a spooky situation! Learn how to handle your “boos” (and your booze) by following these tips!

  • Eat before you go. The big WCU question: Chris’s or Amore’s? Pizza is a great example of a good food to eat before (and during) drinking. Eating before and during drinking can minimize the effects of alcohol. The most effective types of foods to eat are fats and proteins. Some other good foods to eat when drinking during are burgers, soft pretzels or chicken sandwiches. The food in your stomach will absorb some of the alcohol and will prevent some of it from entering your bloodstream. This will prevent you from getting drunk too fast. Amore’s Pizza or Chris’s Pizza are both open until 2-3 a.m. on the weekends, so don’t forget to be safe and grab a slice!
  • Pace yourself. Limit yourself to 1-2 drinks an hour to avoid the alcohol building up in your blood. This will keep you safe from alcohol poisoning and will help you to avoid getting drunk too quickly. Also, don’t forget to add non-alcoholic chasers or have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. This will help you pace yourself and will keep you hydrated.
  • Remember your limits. You know what your alcohol tolerance is (how much alcohol your body can handle). Regardless if you are Spiderman, The Joker, or Pikachu, your alcohol tolerance will be different than your friends. BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) can vary from person to person based on sex (male or female), and weight.
  • Know the warning signs. Safe, sensible and fun…Alcohol poisoning is not a joke! Alcohol poisoning can not only cost your wallet, but also your life. In the event of an emergency, stay with your friend at all times and call 911. Follow these signs to know if your friend needs emergency medical care.
    • MUST: Mental Confusion, Unresponsive, Snoring/Gasping for Air, Throwing up.
    • HELP: Hypothermia, Erratic breathing, Loss of Consciousness, Paleness/Blueness of Skin
  • Watch your drinks. Keep your drink with you at all times and pour your own drinks. This way you know exactly what is in your drink and you will avoid drinking anything dangerous.
  • Have fun! And don’t forget the candy!