Cue the ‘beginning of the new semester resolutions’

“I will never go out before getting my work done,  You are going to see me at the gym everyday, I swear I won’t have a cookie in my hand every time I leave Lawrence”

The promises we make to ourselves during syllabus week are sweet, practical, and very well intented-but let’s be real, old habits die hard. It would be SO ideal to wake up early every morning to work out, or to never spend a night at the library past 10 p.m. But at the end of the day, we are all human beings who love sleep, food, and fun.


Unfortunately, class is an inevitable part of college and as much as we would love for life to be one big party, learning is the essential reason why we are all here-so try doing some things outside the box (or ‘triangle’) to make life easier.

Create your own schedule and plan strategically

We all have a class schedule on myWCU. But when do you have time for food, ‘study hall’, and to burn off stress at the gym? Organize your day the night before to prevent the feeling of having no direction in the day- this will increase productivity before, in between, and after classes.

            Keep in mind certain things are better to do at certain times. For example, I promise you that Einstein’s will be at least a 45 minute wait any time between 10 and 1- so I would recommend getting that bagel sandwich before or after that time. Also, consider early morning gym sessions- adrenaline is a great form of caffeine and stress relief, and you would not have to worry about waiting around for your favorite leg machine.

Ditch the paper flashcards

Who hasn’t spent 2 hours making 200+ flashcards, and ended up only having time to look at them once? Now your hand hurts and staring at that stack of cards just makes studying seem impossible. Did you know that there is a Quizlet app that allows you to type up flashcards on your computer to be transferred to your phone? This cuts the time and effort of making flashcards in half and you can easily study while waiting in line at Einstein’s, sitting on the toilet, avoiding people at a party… you name it.

 Commit to a class from the Group Fitness schedule

College is the place to experiment, right? The Rec Center offers a wide range of fitness classes- like intense cardio, zumba, and yoga. The best part is it’s all included with tuition. So why not try ‘Muscles and Mascara’, whatever the heck that is- (high intensity interval training that mixes cardio and strength conditioning). My personal favorites are the yoga classes offered, which I find to be a great venue for stress relief and increasing strength and flexibility. So pick a class and try to attend every week. That’s right- every week. This will give you the opportunity to meet new people, master a form of exercise, and ensure you make it to the gym at least once a week.

 Explore different study venues

Sometimes we get so used to our surroundings that we forget there is uncharted territory to explore. Believe it or not, there are more places to tackle assignments beyond the library and your dorm room. According to the New York Times, alternating the room where a student studies will increase retention. So grab your things from the library and familiarize yourself with an unfamiliar location. I have found coffee shops in town- such as Dia Dolce or Starbucks- to be great alternate study locations.