Are You Safe? Understanding Stalking

Have you ever received unwanted texts from someone? Had someone constantly asking where you are? Has a person showing up to your home or work place without warning? Things like this can be scary and potentially dangerous, and can all be considered stalking. Stalking is defined as the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner by Some signs that someone may be stalking you are:

  • Someone following you
  • Persistent or unwanted gifts
  • Monitoring your phone use or social media accounts in order to learn about your life
  • Tracking you
  • Threatening you or people connected to you
  • Creating a situation in order to have contact with you
  • Seeking information about you
  • Spreading hurtful rumors or sharing personal information
  • Hanging around your house or workplace

Stalking is a crime and a violation of the WCU Student Code of Conduct. If you or someone your know are experiencing stalking, help and support are available. For more information, or to report an incident of stalking please visit:


Written by Kim Brosius, Peer Educator


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