Mononucleosis (or more commonly known as mono) most commonly affects people aged 15-25, which makes us, as college students very susceptible. Many people associate mono with kissing, but did you know that smooching isn’t the only cause? In fact, you can catch monothe virus anytime saliva is involved.   That means swapping spit via straws, bottles, toothbrushes, lip-gloss, and even food from the same plate can land you with a month’s bed rest sentence from your doctor!

Mono is a virus, which means that there aren’t any medications you can take to get rid of your illness. You’ve just got to take a few weeks to let it run its course! It is very important to take it easy if you are diagnosed with Mono, because you run the risk of rupturing your spleen, which is never a fun time.

Staying in bed and binge-watching Parks and Recreation might sound like a dream come true, but after a few weeks, you will be itching to get back into a routine. Just be conscious the next time someone offers you a swig of their bottle at a party and say Mo-NO thank you!

Written by Gracie McDermott, Peer Educator