Ever have one of those days when you really want a Coke? Sounds good right? Often when people think about the nutritional value of their food, many forget that drinks matter too. From that morning coffee run to sweetened ice tea, your drinks could be causing your calorie and sugar intake can skyrocket.


Moderation is key for sugary drinks, but the benefits to switching out even one of those beverages a day for water are tremendous! Water helps keep your body temperature where it should be, helps cushion your joints, and protects your spinal cord and other tissues. Not a big fan of consuming a plain ole’ glass of water? Add a lemon or lime slice to add some flavor!

Drinking a glass of water in exchange for a 20-once sugary drink could save you about 240 calories to use elsewhere (such as on the sweet snack you’ve been eyeing up all day). It also will save you the two or three dollars per drink that you normally spend when you go out to eat. Substituting water for a few of the sugary drinks that you would consume in a day will help keep you hydrated and feelin’ great all day long!

Not ready to start substituting one or two of your staple beverages for glasses of water? Try to find some healthier options to enhance your usual favorite drink! Regarding your go-to latte or coffee order, substitute 2% milk with fat-free or low-fat milk, cut-out the whip cream, and order one size down from your normal sized order.

The next time you reach for a soda or energy drink, grab a glass of water and rock on!




Written by Patrick Githens, Peer Educator