Did you know that about 20% of college students have reported experiencing dating violence by a current partner? Even more students have experienced being in an unhealthy relationship. Not sure what a healthy relationship looks like? You can recognize healthy relationships when your partner…

  • motivates you to be a better person and supports your goals and dreams
  • is trustworthy
  • is willing to establish boundaries
  • is sure to ask for your consent at all times in all situations
  • does not get jealous very easily
  • does not insist on monitoring your phone and/or social media accounts
  • does not isolate you from friends and family
  • does not constantly accuse you of things
  • does not talk down on those who care about you
  • does not make you at fault for everything that occurs in the relationship

Again, not all relationships are healthy, and sometimes recognizing unhealthy relationships and even dating violence can be difficult. If you need help with your relationship, do NOT be afraid to speak up for help! If you need someone to talk to, contact the Women’s Center, Counseling Center or the Campus Sexual Misconduct Advocate, Sherry Mendez.




Written by Christina Gantt, Peer Educator