Did you know that on average, two in three people will experience a drunk driving crash in their lifetime? Car accidents are the leading cause of people ages 16 to 19. The rate of drunk driving itself is highest 21 to 25 year olds.

Why does alcohol effect driving so much? Alcohol is a depressant that causes the nervous system to slow down. A person is no longer able to function properly because their brain functions are delayed. Judgment, concentration, and reaction time are all crucially impaired when alcohol is consumed. Be responsible and do not risk the possibility of becoming a drunk driver!

Go out and have fun, but let someone else do the driving:

  1. Choose a designated driver. This person should be one that has not drank at all.
  2. Call a taxi, take public transportation or arrange to be picked up by a sober friend.
  3. If you see that a friend is drinking, take their keys from them.
  4. Spend the night wherever the activity is being held.

If you are on the road and suspect a potential drunk driver, first pull over. Dial the highway patrol or the police. Get the license plate number to give to the police and provide them with your location.

Not only are drunk drivers risking themselves, but others on the road as well. If you see someone that is drunk, and you are aware that they plan on leaving to drive home, do not let them! Be the one to speak up and help them to make a safer choice.




Written by Christina Gantt, Peer Educator