With cooler temperatures rolling in and leaves on the trees turning that beautiful color combination of yellow, orange, and green, it’s tempting to not spend the majority of your free time outside soaking it all in. For a lot us on this campus, myself included, this is often a luxury due to the dreaded “a” word…. Allergies.


Despite the effort to medicate ourselves with those glorious anti-histamines, we still emerge from the outside world sneezing and coughing. Allergies: 1, Us: 0. However, there are some tips to manage those symptoms so that you can enjoy all of the awesome things about Fall:

  1. Take your medicine! It’s so easy to forget to take it as you’re running out the door to your first class of the day, but you’ll thank yourself later (trust me).
  1. Take more showers. Besides the benefit of smelling and feeling nice, fresh, and clean, showering also washes away the pollen and other allergens that have covered your body while you were outside.
  1. Know your limits and avoid outdoor activity if needed. As much as we all love being outside during Fall, not feeling those dreaded symptoms being inside versus feeling like death outside sounds much better. Moderation is key, so know when it’s time to come inside and watch your favorite Halloween or horror movie!

Fall is the best season of the year for many reasons: hayrides, tossing around a football, shorts and hoodie weather, and bonfires for days. If you’re one of the lucky few out there with dreaded seasonal allergies, keep up with those preventative tips so that YOU can be out there running around in the leaves with Fall bliss!

Written by Pat Githens, Peer Educator