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Did you know that there is a growers market walking distance from campus? It’s a great resource to purchase fresh produce, sweet treats, and take in West Chester’s community!

Located at the corner of North Church and West Chestnut Streets in town, the market has been serving the community since 1995!

The market prides itself in being West Chester’s original producer-only market that offers the opportunity to “shake the hand that feeds you”. We decided to interview some West Chester students at the Growers Market about their experiences.

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Photo provided by Peer Educator Allie Fonseca

Have you ever been to the WCGM before?

Student 1: Yes, my roommate told me about it freshman year and I’ve made a lot of trips here since then.

Student 2: No, I didn’t even know this was a thing! I would have been here before if I had known.

What was your first impression of the WCGM?

Student 1: Definitely that it is a great thing in our community. Everyone is so happy to be at the market and the things that they sold were so cool. It’s a great place to get fresh fruits and vegetables, and my roommates like to bake together so it worked out for us.

Student 2: My impression was that it was such a welcoming environment. Everyone was walking there dog and there was live music; it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

What importance do you think a growers market within walking distance of a college campus has regarding the student body?

Student 1: I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to expose yourself to the town that you’re getting your education in. It’s also a healthy alternative to get food to prepare yourself.

Student 2: I think a lot of the times students can say that there isn’t anything around to do, but sometimes it only takes a matter or looking what’s going on in town to see that such a cool thing goes on every weekend, and it’s actually something that promotes a healthy living style.

The West Chester Growers Market is open every Saturday 9-1pm, May through December!

Want more info? Here’s their website:

Written by Allie Fonseca, Peer Educator