What makes a good leader? Leadership can be coming from all different aspects. You can be a president of a club or the captain of a sport team. Regardless of the title, how are you being a good leader? Studies have shown what it means to be a good leader.  Here are some important tips:

  1. Remember that one person CAN make a difference. That person can become a leader and has the capability to impact people.
  1. Realistically, everyone has to learn from somewhere, most people become a success from learning through others. Being open minded is extremely important!
  1. You do not need to have a title to be a leader or wait for a promotion to come your way. It’s something as simple as raising your hand in class by volunteering to lead.
  1. Remember why you want to be a leader. It is to help people reach their highest potential!
  1. True leadership depends on a person’s ability to motivate people, not to make money or advancements in profit.

You have the ability to be a leader with something you are passionate about! Not only to you have the capacity to do something great but you also have the ability to inspire people as well! Kid President has some words to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are to be a leader and a team player!


Written by Morgan Harkness, Peer Educator