During the school year, most students don’t have any free time to do activities that they enjoy. But in a week or so, it will be time for summer break, which means relaxation! Summer break is the perfect time to take a break from all the stress that school brings.


What are you going to do to unwind after finals? If you don’t have many ideas, here are a couple activities to get you started.

1. Read a book (that’s not a textbook)!
2. Volunteer.
3. Did studying interfere with your workout schedule? Get back on track this summer.
4. Go hiking on a trail you’ve never been to before.
5. Check out concerts playing in your area.
6. Travel- whether it is to another country or another town. Traveling is a rewarding experience that is hard to do during the semester.
7. Spend some time with your family.
8. Catch up on your sleep!
9. Try out your baking skills.
10. Hit the beach.

Summer can be at time to have fun, but don’t forget about a few other things as well: update your LinkedIn page, apply for scholarships, and stay on top of student loan deadlines.

Written by Rachel Kile, Peer Educator