Earth Day will be on April 22nd this year. It was started over 40 years ago as an environmental forum, but has transformed over the years as a day of environmental action across the globe. Global warming and climate change are two of the greatest challenges of our generation, but small lifestyle changes can help the bigger issue. This Earth Day consider how to you can make eco-friendly choices in your life.


Not sure how you can help? Easy ways to get started include…
-Only using the washing machine/dishwasher with full loads.
-Take shorter showers.
-Turn your refrigerator down to the lowest temperature while still keeping your food cold.
-Look to see if your room or apartment has compact fluorescent bulbs. Not sure what they are? Click here to learn more. If you don’t use CFL bulbs, ask your landlord if they can be changed.
-Be aware of which lights need to be on, and which don’t.
-Walking, biking and mass transit greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
-Use “reusable” products, such as water bottles, and grocery bags.
These may seem like very small changes, but everything you do makes an impact on our planet.

No job is too big.
No action is too small.
For the care of the Earth… is the job of us all.

If you want to make an even greater impact and start a bigger earth day project, look to this resource.

Written by Dave Parsons, Peer Educator