green dottWhat is Green Dot? Green Dot is a program that aims to inform people on the issue of power-based personal violence, and how one person can make all the difference. Whether it is on a college campus, in your hometown, or even in a public place, power based personal violence exists everywhere you go. Green Dot aims to give people the tools to recognize and stop a negative situation.

Imagine a map with red dots all over it. Those red dots represent an act of power-based personal violence, such as sexual assault, physical violence, or stalking. A green dot would represent a time when a bystander intervened and stopped a red dot from happening, or helped someone in need. A green dot would also be letting those around you know that 1. Violence is not okay, and 2. Everyone is expected to do their part. The goal is to replace those red dots with green dots to positively change a community setting like our college campus. You can be an advocate of prevention against power based personal violence by signing up for and/or requesting a training for your organization, spreading the word about this campaign, or performing your own “green dot”. Remember, “no one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.”

Interested in becoming a Green Dot? Email to get on our mailing list for information on training dates and how you can get involved.

Written by Morgan Harkness, Volunteer