While some students may choose to travel for Spring Break, many people either stay at school or return back home. Whatever you have planned, make sure you get the most out of those 9 days!


Tie up loose ends while you’re home:

Spruce up your resume– Whether you are applying for a summer position, a full-time job, grad school, or scholarships, a good resume is essential to your success. Use this time to create your resume or fix up your old one. Utilizing the Career Development Center’s tips is a great way to start.

Look into a summer job– Having some moola is the only way to participate in all the summer festivities that interest you. Applying early for a summer position makes you more likely to be hired. Consider doing something completely different this summer. Check out http://www.coolworks.com/ or another job database, and here are some ideas to get the ball rolling!

Go after that cash- Consider looking into a scholarship when you have the free time. The Financial Aid Department has a whole page dedicated to scholarships that you could go after.

Have Some Fun:

Try something new– Be it ice skating, a trip to the aquarium, or going into the city, try to make some new exciting plans. A change of scenery and a new experience is important to break up the dullness that is class, homework, work, gym, sleep, etc.

Throwback fun – Whether you loved skateboarding, basketball, tag, painting, or watching cartoons, we all have activities that we loved from the past. Spend the day reconnecting with your younger self by engaging in some of those pastimes. Spring break can also be a time to reconnect with childhood friends from your hometown!

Recharge your batteries– Avoiding the “mid-semester burnout” is a very essential part of any spring break. Sleep in, or have lazy days catching up on your favorite TV shows. A little bit of relaxation is what spring break is all about.

Have a safe, relaxing spring break, and come back recharged and ready for the remainder of the semester. Fingers crossed “spring” break brings spring weather! See you soon, Rams!

Written by Dave Parsons, Peer Educator