partyFrom UCLA to WCU, many associate college with partying. While partying can mean different things to different people, it has the potential to go hand-in-hand with exposure to drugs and other substances. According to a Columbia University study, almost 50% of full-time college students binge drink or abuse prescription/illegal drugs. Not familiar with what’s out there? Here’s the scoop on some of the most “popular” party drugs on college campuses.


• Recognize it!
o Typically in a white powder form to be snorted
o Could be smoked or injected

• What does it do?
o Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant
o Causes hyperactivity, euphoric feelings, and increased blood pressure and heart rate

• Dangers
o Paranoia
o Irreversible damage to the vital organs (heart, brain, etc.)
o Overdose can lead to death


• Recognize it!
o Small pressed pill to be taken orally or powder form to snort

• What does it do?mollie
o Produces feelings of increased energy, euphoria, emotional warmth, and sensory delusions
o Called the “hug drug” because users feel more social and accepting

• Dangers
o Brain and hormone imbalances
o Negative effects on blood pressure and heart rate
o High doses interfere with the body’s ability to regulate temperature, which has been known to cause system failures and death


Recognize it!add
o Small, multicolored pills (peach, while, blue)
o Capsule pill
o Taken orally or snorted
o Prescription medication

What does it do?
o It is traditionally prescribed to people with ADHD and ADD to help them concentrate
o Some people use it to help study
o People mix Adderall and alcohol at parties for a more intense experience

o Adderall and alcohol is a dangerous combination. The stimulant competes with the depressant in the body
o Adderall dulls the “drunk” feeling, making it easier to over-consume and end up in the hospital

It’s important to be able to recognize these drugs and know their effects and consequences.
Party smart and party safe, Rams!

Written by Gracie McDermott, Volunteer