It’s beginning to look a lot like spring 2014! With winter storms plaguing WCU, we are bound to have many snow days. Enjoy your day off by trying some of these activities to jump start your snow day!snoww

Go sledding. Try reliving a favorite winter pastime and find a hill on campus.

Feast with friends. Order takeout and have it delivered. You and your friends can enjoy dinner and never have to leave your nice, warm room.

Study. Catching up on school work is always a good way to spend an extra day off. Do some homework or catch up on reading for class.

Exercise indoors. Yoga is a perfect indoor activity that will keep you fit and relaxed on your snow day.

Get creative. Play games with friends like Monopoly, Headbands, or Apples to Apples! Don’t have board games? Use your phone to download some apps, such as “Heads Up”, or “Trivia Crack”.

Be a film critic. Grab some popcorn and a few friends and make a day of movie watching. Try watching some old classics, or new movies you have never seen.

Throw snow. Have a snow ball fight with your friends in the residential or academic quad.elf

Written by Matt Keller, Peer Educator