Procrastinating on buying books this semester? Well if it turns out that your “required” textbooks are actually required then you may want to check out these cheaper book buying and renting options! texts

E-Textbooks are a great option if you have a laptop or tablet and don’t feel like lugging those huge books to class. Another plus- they usually sell for about half the full retail price! CourseSmart is the number one site for E-Textbooks and digital course materials, and it even allows you to highlight and take notes online.

Renting is another option for those who don’t care about keeping a textbook once the semester is over. Renting is also a great deal cheaper than purchasing. Some of the many online companies that rent books include Chegg, BookRenter, CampusBookRentals, and Ecampus. Renting is also an option on-campus at both Sykes and Dynamic bookstores.

Buying online is a smart way to find the cheapest prices for textbooks. Campusbooks and Bigwords are two sites that search for the lowest prices available. You can also find used textbooks for sale on eBay and Amazon!

Sharing a textbook with a classmate or friend can cut your spending in half! If you plan on sharing a textbook, make sure you and your classmate can create a schedule for use, or find dates and times to work together. You can also make copies and take photos of pages with your cellphone.

Written by Samantha Tatulli, Graduate Assistant