snowIt’s that time of the year again- time to return home for a long 5-week break. Winter break can be a time to relax and recharge, but with all that free time on your hands it is easy to get bored. By January 20th you may be more than ready to get back to WCU! Look to these tips to make your break a fun, yet productive one.

Spend Time with Family– It’s been a long semester! Take some time to reconnect with your family and fill them in on what you have been up to at WCU. clothes

Donate Clothes– The winter season is a perfect time to donate any clothes you no longer wear. Free up your closet space for some new holiday gifts and help the less fortunate to stay warm during winter. Salvation Army and Goodwill are both great places to consider donating to.

Plan Your Future- Use your extra free time to make future plans. If you are a freshman or sophomore, look into internships to take part in next semester or over the summer. As for juniors and seniors, start studying for the GRE’s, applying to grad schools, or networking with people in your field. You may also consider volunteering for an organization related to your field! Check out the Career Development Center website to get started.

Think about Summer– The frigid temperatures may make it difficult to believe that summer will be here before you know it! Start planning a trip, searching for a cool summer job, or making other plans that will get you excited for the warmer season.

Practice Healthy Eating- Eat healthy foods at school isn’t always easy. Use your time over break to experiment with new recipes and foods. When cooking, use less salt, try baking or broiling over frying your foods, and incorporate more fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water, and take a break from all of that beer and pizza!


Have Fun! While having a productive break is a great goal to set, you should also enjnetflix-appletv1oy yourself and relax. Make sure to recharge after a long semester. Do something that you haven’t been able to do since the summer, or consider picking up a new hobby. Winter break can be the perfect time to read for pleasure, binge watch Netflix, get to the gym more often, or hang out friends!

Written by Dave Parsons, Peer Educator