tgIt’s officially the holiday season! With all of the holiday feasts and treats it’s easy to get derailed from making healthy nutrition choices. Check out some of these alternative options, tips, and recipes to keep you healthy through the holidays!

1. Moderation is key!
The warm fire, the indulgent aroma, and the table filled with a feast fit for a king… Home is a little different than your average week night at Lawrence Dining Hall. The holidays are a tempting time for college students to disregard portion sizes- make sure you are eating in moderation. When sitting down at the table, remember these important facts on portion sizes:
• Try to limit your poultry, meat or fish portion to three oz. This is about the size of you palm.
• Have about one cup of fruit and one cup of vegetables. One cup is about the size of your fist or a cupped hand.
• When using butter, oils, salts or sugars, try to limit it to a teaspoon’s worth. One teaspoon is about the length of the tip of your thumb to your knuckle.
• Limit grains to about one cup per serving.
• Make sure to keep a balance of food groups on your plate. Try using the Healthy Eating Plate to get an idea of healthy serving sizes.


2. Limit your alcohol
Cheers! The holidays are always a time of fun and merriment. When going to holiday parties, remember the effects of alcohol on the body if you choose to drink.
Alcohol is loaded with calories which can add up quickly in a night of drinking. An average drink can range from 100 – 150 calories per drink! That means you can be consuming up to 1000 – 1500 extra calories in one night out. Make sure to limit how many drinks you have to keep yourself safe and calorie intake down. Try some of these options.
• Alternate your drinks with water.
• Replace flavored syrup with whole fruits.
• Choose seltzer over other carbonated waters.
• Choose a light beer, or stick to one shot of liquor per cocktail.

3. Swap intg3gredients for healthier options!
Holiday baking is a popular pastime that a lot of people enjoy. Instead of cutting out your favorite holiday treats, try using healthy alternative ingredients! It’s as easy as replacing eggs with applesauce, or butter with avocados or bananas. Swapping ingredients can really make a difference in keeping your desserts healthy!
Check out some of these 83 healthy alternatives:

Written by Matt Keller, Peer Educator