Treat your family jewels like they’re precious! If there’s one thing a guy should be familiar with, it’s his balls! How many times do you check your jewels? Make time for a self-examination!

One of the best times to check out your package is when you already are handling it! Do a self-exam in the shower. It’s the best time since your sac will be soft and relaxed. Plus, it only adds an extra minute and you’re already handling your junk!

Steps to a Self-Exam:

1. Find a good time at least once a month to do a self-exam.

2. Check only one testicle at a time.

3. Hold your testicle between your thumb and fingers.

4. Handle your package with care, and gently roll one testicle.

5. Feel around the testicle and scrotum. Also locate the epididymis at the back of the testicle, it feels like a coiled tube. Check for enlargement of the testicle and/or a small lump or area of hardness.

6. Check out your other gonad!


If you are worried you have a complication with your testicles don’t be afraid to ask! Contact your family physician or check out some more information at the Office of Wellness Promotion or online at:


Written by Matt Keller, Peer Educator