October 16th is World Food Day. If you aren’t sure what that means, it is the day that celebrates the formation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Quebec, Canada on October 16, 1945. Millions of people from almost every country come together and commit to a common goal: to end world hunger.

World Food day is “a day of action against hunger”. Every year on this date, advocates team up to raise awareness and engage others in the fight against hunger. Advocates believe in a zero tolerance policy for hunger for two specific reasons:wfd

1. The right to food is a basic human right.
Our world is huge, as is the number of people who inhabit it! Statistics show that 1 in 9 people live in chronic hunger. Hunger and malnutrition deeply affect individuals, and unfortunately a majority of those individuals are children. Advocates of World Food Day believe that the issues of hunger and malnutrition need to be addressed because all humans should be free from hunger.

2. Hunger can be ended in our lifetime.
Statistics show that the planet produces enough food to feed everyone on it. Efforts have been made by world leaders to apply that fact and take action to end hunger. Fourteen years ago, they signed a commitment to achieve several Millennium Development goals by 2015. The number one goal on that list is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Since that was signed, poverty has decreased and targets have been reached with significant progress, supporting the belief that hunger can in fact be ended in our lifetime.

Hungry for more about World Food Day and what you can do to help the cause? Check out their website to find more statistics, events, and food for thought.

Written by Allie Fonseca, Peer Educator