October is an exciting month at West Chester University. Fall Break gives way to Homecoming, Halloween, and increased excitement. With this excitement may lead to an increased presence of alcohol around campus, and with that the potential to feel pressured to start drinking, or drink more than you’re used to. Stay safe during the upcoming festivities and still enjoy the party!

Ways to be prepared when you go out:
-Go out/go home with a group of friends.

-Make sure you have the contact information of the people you go out with, and that you have a charged phone.

-In case you’re caught in a tough situation, know who you can call:
• Have WCU Public Safety in your phone (610-436-3311)
• Type in “Aaa” in front of your emergency contacts so they are the first ones available to you.
• Remember to call 911 instead of Public Safety if you’re off-campus

– Eat before you drink. Something rich in fats and proteins is best.

– Pour your own drinks so you know how much alcohol your drink contains.

– Don’t mix energy drinks and liquor. The two send mixed messages to your brain and body.

– Know how much you plan on drinking and stick to that number. Need help keeping track? Use the lines on your cup!


Try one of these lines if you don’t want to drink, or when you’ve had enough:

-“I have work/another commitment tomorrow morning”

-“I don’t drink”

-“I’ve had enough tonight” or “I’m not feeling too great right now”

-Having a non-alcoholic drink in your hand can act as a signal to others


Written by Dave Parsons, Peer Educator