Well, it’s about that time! We are just about halfway through the semester, which means midterm season is on its way! Here are some tips to stay on track while preparing for midterms!stress


Set goals! Prioritize and set small, obtainable goals. For example, let’s say you plan to study for one hour- if you successfully complete an hour of studying with no distractions, reward yourself by ending your night watching your favorite television show!

Manage your time. Keep a to-do list in order to help manage your time in an efficient way. Break bigger projects into smaller ones. Be sure to take study breaks and space out your study sessions. Try studying for fifty minutes and then taking a ten minute break. “Cramming” for 6 hours the night before your test isn’t going to help you retain the information.

Limit distractions. First, find a quiet, peaceful environment. The third floor of Sykes and the library are great places to study! To stay on task, turn off your cell phone, put it on silent, or tuck it away in your backpack- we all know how hard it is to refrain from checking a text message when our phones go off!

Stay on top of studying. Studying throughout the semester will help you retain information. A general rule of thumb suggests that for every hour spent in class, you should spend two hours studying. Take notes, make flashcards, highlight, or review and read material as often as necessary. Also try using creative memory strategies to help you remember key concepts.

Stay healthy. The more we stress, the more we get sick. Prolonged high levels of stress lower your immune system. The last thing anyone needs is to get sick right before a big test! Stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks and get plenty of rest! Don’t share utensils or food with friends, wash your hands, and get your free flu shot at student health services.


Take advantage of on-campus resources. The LARC offers free tutoring for a large variety of courses. If you are struggling in a class, head to the LARC (located at 224 Lawrence Center) and sign up! Don’t be afraid to go to a professor’s office hours with questions- they are here to help.


Written by Christina Gantt, Peer Educator