runRunning is one of the most convenient ways to exercise- you can do it anywhere! But have you ever thought about the impact running has on your bones and joints? Running or jogging on a sidewalk, a concrete road, or any hard surface can negatively affect the health of the bones and joints in your legs. Here are some alternative surfaces that could benefit your health during your routine exercises.

– Grass is soft and easy on the legs in terms of impact
– Resistance makes your muscles work harder and builds strength
Woodland Trails
– Softer impact with more hills to increase muscle
– Scenic areas help keep you distracted and wanting to come back

– Provides good resistance for training and strengthening legs
– Gives an opportunity to run barefoot
– The soft surface decreases the risk of injuries

Picking the right shoe can also make a difference in your running experience. Running sneakers come in many varieties, and picking the perfect pair of shoes can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips to think about while shopping for your next pair!

– Pick a shoe that is light and flexible. Your feet should never feel crammed, heavy, or stuck.
– Know your feet – what size? Do you have a normal arch, high arch, or are you flat footed? What is your pronation (how does your foot roll when you walk)?
– What kind of surface will you be running on? Do you need extra cushion or stabilization?

run3                   Written by Courtney Miklos, Volunteer