spring cleaning

Students living can get a little dirty sometimes. Now that it is getting warmer and the semester is coming to an end, think about clearing up some of the clutter you’ve accumulated all year, and end the semester with a clean finish.

Create a Cleaning Route:
Map out areas of your apartment, house, or dorm that need cleaning and tackle it task by task rather than spending all day cleaning. Pick a section that needs some work and conquer it that day. Is your desk a mess? Haven’t changed your sheets in a while? Start there and once completed, plan for your next area to clean.

Here are some tips for each section you are trying to clean!

springclean_closet real
Store all heavier winter clothes away in plastic containers to keep out bugs and dust. Try putting them under the bed or in the basement to avoid clutter. This will help create room for summer clothes and allow you to see your options!

Consider rotating your mattress and getting your pillows cleaned. After a long winter cuddled in our beds, our sheets need some attention too. Make sure to put a fresh pair on your bed and shake out your comforter. Don’t skip over the rugs – they need a good vacuum too.

Go through old papers and notebooks and throw away scrap paper. You will be so much more productive when you can find things and see what’s on your working space. Think about donating old books or selling back old text books as well. Try separating outdated course work into folders for each class. Once done, wipe down your desktop with a Clorox wipe or warm rag and soap.

If you have access to your own bathroom, check the medicine cabinets and safely discard any outdated medicine or products.
Ladies, don’t forget to go through makeup as well. Mascaras should be thrown away after 2-3 months. With the seasons changing, rethink that old foundation from last year. Foundations should be thrown out after 6-12 months to cut down on the bacteria. Consider getting new makeup brushes or wash your old ones in warm water with a little bit of face wash. Check shower curtains for mold and give it a wash in the washer if it’s looking kind of gross. Shower curtains can be washed often – just check label for drying settings first.


Spring cleaning can often seem like a daunting, scary task, but it doesn’t have to be. Even minor chores like sweeping the floor, unloading the dishwasher, or doing laundry can be done while on the phone with your friends! Take your time to plan it out and reference the tips to get it done.

Written by Erica Vasquez, Peer Educator