According to the Official US Government Website for Distracted Driving, “distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving.” Distracted driving endangers not only the driver, but also the passengers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians or bystanders.

What You Can Do to Stay Safe:

– Fully focus on driving.
– Put your electronics in the back seat or glove compartment.
– Put in one CD or select one playlist and don’t change it.
-Make adjustments before you start driving; Fix your seats, mirrors, air conditioning or heat, and GPS.
– If you need to eat or drink while driving, choose a snack or drink that is convenient and doesn’t take your eyes from the road.
-If another activity demands your attention, pull over!
– Speak out if you are in a car with a distracted driver.
– Encourage your family and friends to drive safely.
-Take the pledge to not drive distracted, and learn more at: or


For a first-hand account of the effects of distracted driving, check out “the faces of distracted driving” at:

Written by Sam Tatulli, Peer Educator