When you go out, make sure you have a good night! If you are going to drink, set a limit and stick to it. Check out these smart phone apps that help you track your drinks and have a safer and more memorable night!

For the Android users, AlcoDroid app is a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) calculator, log book, and tracker all in one! It tracks how many drinks you have had and how long you have been drinking to calculate your BAC percentage. It also displays your projected time of sobriety!

For iPhone users, IntelliDrink is a great app that calculates BAC and uses graphs and charts to give you a visual of how your BAC climbs and falls over time!


BAC Calculator:
Windows phone users can check out the BAC calculator app which allows you to see your current BAC percentage and lets you browse different drinks so you can better monitor alcohol consumption. The app even offers multiple profiles so you can track yourself and your friends all at once!

Shots iGot Lite:
The Shots iGot Lite app for the iPhone helps users measure the amount of alcohol in shots poured into a cup or plastic bottle.

The app features:

  • Accuracy to the 1/10 of a shot
  • Standardized 1.5oz shots
  • Variety of classic bottles to choose from
  • Capability of calculating mixed drink

shots igot app


Change4Life drinks tracker:
This app not only tracks your drinks, but it also provides tips and ideas on how to cut down once you’ve had enough. Use this app’s helpful graphs and feedback to drink smarter!

Written by Matt Keller, Peer Educator