Working out not only carries with it physical benefits – but benefits for your mind, heart, and mood as well! The body is completely interconnected.  Our physical fitness affects our focus, and our outlook on life affects our body’s health!  When it comes to achieving a holistic approach on health, focus on two things:  engage in mind-body practices and workout with your friends!


The Mind-Body Connection – The mind-body connection is the interaction of physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our lives.  Ever wonder why you have a better workout when you’re in a great mood?  Credit goes to the mind-body connection.  To really hone your mind-body connection, engage in mind-body practices such as:

  • Yoga – increases flexibility, improves sleep, and promotes mindfulness.
  • Pilates – builds core strength, improves posture, and alleviates lower-back pain (sign me up!)
  •  Tai Chi – improves heart function and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression!
  • Meditation – helps reduce stress and increases focus.
  • Weightlifting – improves strength and muscle coordination

group fitness class

Group Fitness– Almost all of the mind-body practices I mentioned above are popular group fitness activities!  By exercising in groups, we can easily stay motivated and hold each other accountable to our fitness goals.  By taking advantage of the social atmosphere at the gym, you are not only being proactive about your physical health, but your mental and social health too!  So what are you waiting for?!  Sign up for a group fitness class at West Chester’s Rec Center. Meet some friends, and take one step closer achieving holistic wellness!

Written by Stephen Clark, Peer Educator