lips cisYou’ve seen the posters around campus, but do you know what “Consent is Sexy” means?

Consent is the enthusiastic, informed, and sober agreement to engage in sexual activity. Consent is mutually agreed upon, and free of pressure, intimidation, or fear.  It is not drunk or high. Consent is not silent or passive, and cannot be assumed. Consent needs to be obtained at every level of sexual activity, and it can be withdrawn at any time, for any reason.

Not only is consent is about agreeing to engage in sexual activity, it is also about communicating your likes and dislikes with your partner. What are you comfortable with? What makes you uncomfortable?  Not sure about how your partner feels? Check in with them. Communicating shows respect and that makes sex and relationships better for all.

Do you get it? Not sure how to ask for consent? Try one of these:

–          “Is this okay with you?”

–          “Do you like it when I do this”

–          “Do you want to try…?”

–          “What would you like me to do?”

Do you give it? Do you consent to sexual activity? Either way, it’s YOUR choice.

–          It is okay to say yes and it is okay to say no.

–          Know yourself! Know what you are comfortable and are not comfortable with.

–          Be honest with yourself and your partner.

Want more information? Visit one of our Consent is Sexy tables around campus and like us on Facebook.

Written by Sam Tatulli, Peer Educator