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Welcome back! The Office of Wellness Education hopes everyone had a fantastic winter break! Many students want to kick off the New Year or semester with New Year’s resolutions on a variety of topics. Determined to find out the most popular resolution we braved the cold and bundled up to ask WCU’s students what they planned to change or improve on this semester.

Here are some of the Peer Educator’s own resolutions:

Peer Jordan: I want to allow more time in my schedule to focus on myself, and my own personal needs by setting aside an hour each night. I’m realizing it is very important to maintain balance in all areas of my life and that includes myself.

Peer Stephen: I would like to gain 5lbs of muscle by increasing my visits to the gym to three times a week.

Peer Matt: I want to improve and maintain a more positive and motivated mindset by meditating two times a week as well as keeping an open mind.

Peer DeVonna:  I want to make Dean’s List this semester. I plan to do this by going to the library Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for two hours to complete work and do readings ahead of time.

Peer Andrew: I want to improve my sleep habits and get on a healthier sleep schedule. In order to do this, I plan to have a lot of my work done by 11:30pm and be in bed by 12am. I also will try to end my texting conversations and turn off electronics 15 minutes before sleeping.

How many will actually stick to them? Are you sticking to your own goals and resolutions? Maintaining resolutions and continuing to reach goals can be challenging, so that’s why it is so important to revaluate and check in on goals/ resolutions.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get on track to getting closer to your goals.

Think SMART:  Don’t just set any old boring goals or resolutions – use SMART goals! *Specific*Measurable*Attainable*Relevant*Time-bound* Think about these as you reevaluate your own New Year’s resolutions.

Check In: Speaking of making SMART goals, set check in dates! Having mile markers or points within a month where you can reflect on your progress can be helpful. If you feel like you lack the momentum that you had at the start of the year, reevaluate your goal and see how you can get excited again. Sometimes paying a little more attention to the reason why you wanted change in the first place is just the spark you need!

Get involved!A new semester means new fun programs will be around campus. Surrounding yourself with people who have common interests can be a constant reminder to stay on track. Try checking out the Spring Organization Fair on Feb. 5th, 10:00am-2:00pm in Sykes Ballrooms. Representatives from 60 organizations will be there. Getting involved with organizations can really help you reach those academic or personal goals.

Plan AheadPlanning ahead for potential events that may throw off your academic goals is a good idea. A jammed packed weekend usually doesn’t leave much room to study. Super Bowl Sunday can really throw off your healthy eating resolutions if you are not careful. Thinking about the future can really help you avoid temptation.

Now that the semester is under way we have a lot of exciting events and news to share with you this semester! So be sure to continue to check our Facebook page and blog post to stay informed!

Written by Erica Vasquez, Peer Educator