We all know how challenging a whole week of finals can be. After it’s all over, you probably want to do nothing more than veg out on the couch and catch up on the last season of your favorite TV show. After you have given yourself a chance to unwind and relax, make the most of the 6 week break.

Spend Time with Family- You’ve been away all semester with the occasion of a few weekends home with your family. Everyone has probably missed you and wonders what you have been up to. Take some time to fill them in on what you have gotten involved in, what classes were your most enjoyable and vice versa. Most importantly, print out that report card and show them written results!

Donate Your Clothes- The winter season is a perfect time to donate any clothes you no longer wear. Many people will be out looking for affordable gear to keep them warm in the upcoming months, and you can greatly assist them if you donate some of your own things. Donating clothes will also help to free up your closet space for any new clothes you may be receiving for the holidays.

Plan Your Future- We all came to college with a common goal, to be able to better provide for ourselves in the near future. Don’t wait until the last minute to research your field of study. If you are a freshman or sophomore, look into internships to take part in next semester or over the summer to make sure you enjoy what you are going to school for. As for juniors and seniors, start studying for the GRE’s, applying to grad schools, or networking with people in your ideal career. Check out the Career Center website for more information. http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.car/default.asp

Practice Healthy Eating- School food may not always provide easy ways to eat healthy. Use this time over break to try to make up for all the unhealthy foods you ate during the semester. When cooking use less salt, try baking or broiling over frying your foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Getting a quick meal? Choose Salad Works over Five Guys; you will see positive changes in your physical and mental health.

Read a Book- Reading is both entertaining and educational. Being that break will be an extended period of time away from your studies, there will be little opportunity to stimulate and challenge your brain. Make sure to pick up a book between December and January so that you have an easy transition into the spring semester.

HAVE FUN- While making sure to stay healthy, remember that this is your break and you deserve to enjoy your time off. Call up a few friends and hit the mall or movies. Keeping in touch with friends is always important, and they will help make your break the best it can be. 



Written by DeVonna Smith, Peer Educator