As college students, stress seems to be a weekly or even daily occurrence, so here are some things you can do when stressed to calm yourself down and relax.

First turn on some tunes: Listening to slow and soothing music is a proven stress buster. After leaving a class, put in your headphones and soon you’ll be singing along to your favorite song instead of worrying. Here’s a relaxing music station that can also be used to help you study!

Stock up on Healthy Snacks: Often in times of stress, people crave the same food they normally avoid. Those quick and easy comfort foods will be more tempting when under pressure. Try pre-making meals for the week or have healthy snacks readily available to eat during these of stress induced cravings. Check out these healthy stress-relieving foods!

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Repetitive actions like sweeping the floor, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, bracelet making, or knitting can be a quick way to calm your nerves. Many studies have been done on how repetitive motion or repeating one to two syllabus words helps lower blood pressure as well as heart rate.  When your mind starts to drift or think of your stressors, try bringing it back to the task at hand. Pay attention to the texture of the string from the bracelet, or look at the lines the vacuum makes. There’s a lot we can learn a lot from the Karate Kid when it comes to finding your inner Zen.

Put down your phone:

Give your fingers a break and stop the texting, checking your e-mail in bed, or checking your Twitter. Be in the now and try to unplug during times of stress.

Laugh it off:

Laughter is often deemed to be the best medicine and not to mention it’s free! Try getting away somewhere or somewhere homey, rent a funny movie, invite friends over, and exchange some laughs. Having a distraction that will make you laugh can often help put your problems in perspective.

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There are plenty of ways to rebound from a bad day or de-stress from a stressful one, so get out there and try some!

Written by Erica Vasquez, Peer Educator