This one is for the ladies. Guys, if you are daring and up for the challenge of discussing menstrual cycles then by all means read on!

I know what you are thinking… are we seriously talking about periods? Yes, we’re going to talk about Aunt Flow, lady issues, Mother Nature, or whatever you choose to call it. This isn’t your typical period blog though. We’ll discover ways to make living with nature more pleasurable! How exactly? By GREENING YOUR PERIOD!

Going green has been huge in today’s society. We all want to reduce, reuse, and recycle. BUT there are some aspects of our lives that I bet many of you didn’t know could be “green-ified.” Changing the way you manage your periods can be an essential piece of the “saving the plant” puzzle.

Let’s begin with some discussion about why greening your period is important. What better way to explore the knowledge of ladies than to ask them directly. Here’s an interview with a female student about the idea of “greening” your period.

Question #1

Interviewer: How many feminine products do you think end up in a landfill each year in North America?

Student: Wow, I’ve never thought about that. I would say 3 billion. No…1 billion.

Interviewer: Approximately 12 billion pads and liners are buried in landfills or incinerated in the United States and Canada each year.

green period1

Question #2

Interviewer: How many years do you think it takes for pads to decompose?

Student: 100 years

Interviewer: It takes approximately 500 years.

Question #3

Me: Have you heard of alternative menstrual devices such as the menstrual cup, cloth pads, or sea sponge pad?

Student: No! Tell me more…

Interviewer: Gladly! These alternative devices provide environmentally friendly ways to manage your monthly periods. Not only will you help save the earth but you will also save tons of cash!


So as you can see, most women are unaware of how much waste is created during our “shark weeks” so here are some other, green alternatives to your period:

Menstrual Cupgreen period2

-A reusable and eco-friendly, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally. The cup collects rather than absorb your menstrual flow. This option provides longer protection and comes in different sizes. There are also other options like the Diva Cup which can be used continuously, or the Softcup which can  typically be worn longer than tampons and reused within a cycle.

green period3

Luna Pads

-Stylish and reusable cloths that snap onto underwear. Cuts down cost and looks great!

green period4

Sea Sponge Tampon

-All natural reusable sea sponge tampons that are easy to use, economical, and earth-friendly!

Written by Zana Spurill-Morris, Peer Educator