With Thanksgiving Day around the corner, anticipation for the long-awaited holiday is in the air. How we can keep from overeating at a dinner that we wait for all year? Read the tips below to find out!heathy plate

1.  Don’t just munch; eat your lunch: A common myth that people tend to believe on Thanksgiving is that eating a light breakfast and lunch makes overeating at dinnertime okay. This however isn’t true! Eating only a little throughout the day will only make you that much hungrier at dinner; causing you to more than make up for your lack of food during the day.

2.  Ditch the cream and try to steam: One of the main things you should try to avoid on Thanksgiving are those vegetables in creamy or candied sauces. These types of vegetables contain all your unwanted saturated fats and sugars and sodium. Instead try the steamed vegetables drizzled in olive oil, lemon or herbs to keep it more light and nutritious.

3.  White meat for the win: Instead of choosing ham or the dark meat of the turkey, try to stick to eating the breast, which consists of white meat. This has a third less of the fat found in dark meat! In addition, try to avoid eating the skin of the turkey which is where all the fatty juices of the turkey are stored.

4.  Portion your plate: Thanksgiving dinner is all about portioning your food. You can still have everything you want, just in smaller amounts and without going back for seconds. To do this, try filling half your plate with vegetables (go for broccoli, beets, or red peppers to keep it really healthy); turkey should cover about a fourth of your plate, and then last but not least a half a cup of mashed potatoes and a half a cup of stuffing can be used to fill the last quarter.

5.  Pumpkin pie? If after dinner you’re craving some pumpkin pie, don’t feel you have to torture yourself by not having any to stay healthy. Again it’s all about portion size! Try taking a smaller piece and skip on those whipped toppings.

So this Thanksgiving, don’t stress about overeating, just follow these few tips and ENJOY your dinner!

thanksgivingWritten by Carly Odynsky, Peer Educator