Music, dancing, friends, fun, and drinking. These are all things that we’d expect to find when we’re out partying. But, are we in fact being safe in how we are partying? There is no doubting the fact that many college students like to party, but do you know there are multiple ways to make your party safer?

Creative University Party Planning (CUPP) is a program here at West Chester designed to help students plan safer parties. Here are some of the tips to hosting safer social functions:

1.    Use a third party vendor:

Now this applies mostly to 21 year olds, but by using third party vendors, drinking become much safer for it is in a monitored location.

2.     Have an alternative to alcohol available at the party:

Have non-alcoholic drinks available for all guests at the party in order to help them alternate between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic. This will help your party goers have a much better night while keeping them safe at the same time. This will also appeal to your friends that like to party but do not drink.

3.     Make sure you have some kind of food available:

Foods high in protein and carbs are the way to go. Pizza, cheese, and peanut butter are really good options. This will make for a better night and will help soak up some of the alcohol in their stomachs.

4.      Have sober monitors at your social functions:

Have some people who are not drinking in different places throughout the party. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone there. Also, make sure that they are easily identifiable in case anyone were to have an issue and would need their help.

5.      BYOB:

Try having “bring your own booze parties.” This makes everyone responsible for how they get their alcohol and will help reduce the risk of danger. You want to avoid collecting money and supplying the alcohol to your guests at all cost. When this is the issue, the supplier becomes liable for anything that goes wrong.

 6.      Try hosting a sober function:

Not all college students drink and I am sure that you have friends who do not drink. So, why not trying hosting some kind of sober party where a bunch of people get together and have a good time without alcohol. This will keep everyone out of harm’s way and it allows your friends who don’t drink to have fun too.

College is a very short part of a person’s life and everyone deserves to enjoy it. The main thing is that they are safe while doing it. I am not saying do not go out and drink, I am just saying make sure you are smart and safe while doing so. So remember, when you do decide to go out partying and drinking that you should always “Party smarter, not harder.”

Written by Andrew Ramirez, Peer Educator