zumba fitnessOver the years, Zumba has become one of the most popular fitness classes across the globe. With more than 12 million active participants, there is no doubt that it’s worth a try. It may seem impossible to incorporate a party and effective workout into one activity, but Zumba makes it look like a breeze. This Latin-based aerobics class incorporates dance movements along with typical exercise motions create a fun and healthy activity. So, ditch the boring gym routines and join the party!

History of Zumba: What is Rumbacize?

            Zumba was actually created by mistake by Colombian trainer Alberto “Beto” Perez. One day when he forgot his usual aerobic cassette, he still had a class to teach, so he scrambled up a Latin cassette tape he had in his car. With this tape, he improvised his class session using dances like Salsa, Merengue, and club moves he observed while out with local artists. This new form of exercise was an instant hit, and was named “Rumbacize.” When Beto moved to Miami, he took Rumbacize with him and it was accepted very quickly there as well. Finally, with the help of entrepreneurs, he decided to expand, rebrand his class and entitle it what we know today as “Zumba.”

What are the benefits?

  • Calorie Burning– Behind every Zumba routine is the main goal of physical fitness; also because not all participants are able to burn calories at the same rate and have the same coordination and ability as others, Zumba offers the option to modify the movements to meet the specific needs and accommodations of each individual.
  • Full Body Workout– New Zumba routines are being created all the time, but it is best to learn a few routines and practice them over and over again to get the best results. Being that Zumba is derived from a wide variety of dances, it’s always possible to find a dance routine that really focuses on specific areas of the body. Once your body becomes used to the routine, it’s time to switch up!
  • It Feels Like a Party– Studies have shown that it is best to work out to an enjoyable routine for long-lasting results. Because Zumba is fast-paced and focuses on using the entire body for a fun hour of dancing, it doesn’t feel like a workout at all. Because you don’t feel like you’re working out, you are more inclined to give the routine your best effort without even realizing it, thus burning more calories.

Check out these videos for a sample of what Zumba is all about. Would you think this was a party or a workout? Once you have answered these questions, I’m sure you will be the next one on the floor ready to Zumba away!

Written by DeVonna Smith, Peer Educator