When you think of sex scenes in the movies what comes to mind: Kissing? Touching? Grabbing? Moaning? Taking off clothing? Knocking things over on the way to the bedroom?

In the heat of the moment, how many times have you seen the main characters stop to put safe sex condomson a condom? Probably very few, if any at all.

Practicing safe sex should not be portrayed as a mood killer! An unplanned pregnancy or an STI (sexual transmitted infection) are the real mood killers. Could you imagine The Notebook ending with Noah giving Allie an incurable STI, and them having a nasty breakup over it? Natalie Portman makes sure there are No Strings Attached when she insists on condoms – now that’s safe and sexy!

 Be safe and smart- always use protection and get tested regularly! Come stock up on free condoms at the Office of Wellness Education in the second floor of Wayne!

Check out the movie clips below. Both are hot and sexy scenes, but only one couple practices safe sex!

             Hot, Sexy, but UNSAFE                                               Hot, Safe, and SEXY

safe sex no string attached safe sex notebookWritten by Sam Tatulli, Peer Educator