halloween6healthy halloween snacks


Halloween is right around the corner and can be a very exciting time of the year. The haunted houses, corn mazes, and walking dead often scare holiday lovers, but for some, the candy and sugary packed treats can be even scarier! No worries, there are plenty of ways to still get that festive vibe by creating some of these healthy Halloween treats!

Halloween doesn’t always have to equal candy. You can give your teeth a break from all that sugar with this “toothsome” treat:

 halloween5What you’ll need: Apples & almond slivers

How to: Cut quarter of an apple and remove a wedge, then add almonds.

*Don’t forget to add some lemon juice to prevent browning.




Here’s another fruit-lovers fun take on Halloween snacks! Try some ghost bananas & orange pumpkins!











What you’ll need: Bananas, mini chocolate chips, oranges or tangerines, and celery.

How To: Slice bananas in half add chocolate to top of banana. Peel oranges and chop celery add to top of orange.


Some may think these treats are cheesy, but these cheese eyeballs will win them over!

halloween3What you’ll need: Any flavor mini Baby Bell cheeses, black olives, and food dye.

How to: Unwrap mini baby bell cheese and sliced olives for eyeball effect (if desired can add red vein lines using red food dye).




Try wrapping yourself up in the Halloween spirit with these yummy mummy treats! They are a great appetizer for any Halloween party!

halloween2What you’ll need: Whole wheat pizza dough, hotdogs, or veggie dogs

How to: Roll out pizza dough and stretch it 3 times the length of the hot dog. Cut into strips. Start from the bottom of the dog and wrap it around hot dog. Set oven for 425 degrees then lay mummy dogs on a tin foiled tray and cook for 15 minutes.

It’s not a celebration without dessert and who says it can’t be healthy? Boo Berries are covered in vanilla Greek yogurt and frozen to give the same look but it’s a healthier treat!


What you’ll need: Strawberries and Greek yogurt

How to: Rinse strawberries off. Take Greek yogurt out and dip strawberries in. Set asides and freeze overnight.

For more scary treats, check out this website and spook and surprise your friends this Halloween!

Written by Erica Vasquez, Peer Educator