colleges-ease-stress-of-final-exams-10121301Being a college student, stress seems to be a common occurrence in our lives. However, you could have added stress from something other than academics! While having a ton of homework due on the same day and four tests in the same week is no doubt stressful, this could be only one of your stressors. What else could be causing your stress? Read below to find out!

Smoke less to Stress less!  It’s not uncommon to find people saying that they think smoking or chewing tobacco helps to relieve their stress. While they might feel this way at first, it’s not true. As your body craves tobacco and nicotine more, you’ll find yourself stressing out about when you’ll get your fix. If you find yourself in this category, don’t panic! There are many on campus resources such as the Office of Wellness Education Center-located on the 2nd floor of Wayne- to help you quit smoking and stop stressing! Want more information on how smoking causes stress? Click the link!

Think before you drink! People often turn to a night of partying or an evening at the bar in times of stress to help escape reality and take a break from stressing out. Drinking may help you relax for a couple hours, but it can actually raise stress levels in the end. Think about it! Ever miss a class or do poorly on a test because of drinking? If so, this may be the reason for your high stress levels! What can you do to put an end to this added stress? Know that drinking will only postpone and add to your stress; not get rid of it! If you do decide to go out, drink responsibly; stay aware of your blood alcohol content and make sure to pace your drinks. For more information on drinking responsibly you can click on this link.

RelationSHIP sinking you? A key part to living a stress-free life is having and maintaining healthy relationships. Whether it be with your sibling, parent, significant other, friend, roommate, or co-worker, your relationships could actually be causing you added stress! If you’re in a relationship where you feel like there is always conflict, trust issues, and no communication, it may be time for some outside help! Try the Counseling Center on the 2nd floor of Lawrence- no appointment necessary from 1pm to 3pm Monday through Friday- to help better your relationship and lower your stress! Go here for more information.

Now that you know that academics might not be the only thing causing your stress, take a minute to look at your life and find the real culprit of what’s stressing you out!

Written by Carly Odynsky, Peer Educator