True or False: You can be safe while drinking alcohol.

alcohol safe_zana_blog 9-17-13TRUE! Safety and alcohol consumption go hand in hand. It is up to you to know when you are safely drinking or getting out of control. Here are a few guidelines to help you have a fun and safe night on the town.


While partying with a group of friends is great, it is important to go out with at least one friend that you really trust. This buddy should be someone who already knows his or her drinking limit or doesn’t drink at all. This way, you can watch out for each other and have a safe night.

Monitor your drinks:

drinks_zana blog_9-17-13

Your drink should be in your hand or in your sight at all times. If possible, pour your own drink. This will allow you to…

1. Control how much alcohol goes into your cup.

2. Know exactly what you are drinking.

Speaking of having control, avoid jungle juice since there’s no way of knowing exactly what has been mixed in. And if you LOVE to dance and you’re itching to hit the dance floor, have that trusted buddy hold your drink for you.

Eat/alternate with water:

Eating before/during drinking and alternating alcoholic drinks with water will decrease the chance of over-drinking. The best foods to eat would be fats and proteins like pizza, peanut butter and jelly, or hamburgers.

Know your limit:

It takes approximately 1-2 hours to metabolize each serving of alcohol you consume. Limiting yourself to one drink per hour will allow your body to metabolize what you’ve had so far. However, what do you do when there are unlimited drinks available at the party? Knowing your limit is a great way to keep you safe and prevent the overconsumption of alcohol. Know your body and how much or how little it can tolerate alcohol.

Written by Zana Spruill-Morris, Peer Educator