The sun is shining, flowers bloomed, and cold days are behind us now. Summer is finally right around the corner! Staying cool while it’s getting hot isn’t as easy as it sounds! Here are some things to keep in mind over the next few months:

Staying Hydrated – The hotter it gets, the more we sweat? Well for some of us that is true, but the hotter it gets the harder our body works and the more water we need. We are SUPPOSED to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day all year. It’s harder for some than others, but the hotter it is, the more important it is to stay hydrated!

  • Just consuming a lot of beverages is not enough, be wary of sugary sports drinks, soda, and ice tea. They may quench your thirst, but look at the label for how much sugar they have, before choosing them over water!

Sunscreen – Staying cool on the inside is half the battle! Don’t fry that skin. It can cause your temperature to rise, puts you at risk for skin cancer, and can cause scarring and wrinkles.

  • Use SPF 15 or higher
  • Reapply every 2 hours

Exercise – Try and exercise early in the morning or later at night, don’t try and go at noon when the sun is peaking. Keep yourself cool by exercising before it gets hot or when it starts to cool down for the day.

  • Wear light, breathable clothing
  • Slow down from your normal pace until your body is used to the heat

Keeping these in mind will not only help you stay cool, but it will keep you healthy all summer long! And don’t forget to grab a hat or sunglasses before heading out!

Written by Julia Kane, Peer Educator