Are you looking for a job or internship? There really is a meaning to the quote “dress for success” when going to an interview. It is the first impression an employer has of you, and it is important to look well groomed and professional. Why? To help you get the job, of course!

You may feel that we should not be judged for what we wear but rather what qualifications we have. But the reality is, how you are dressed will set the tone for the interview. So impress them from the very beginning! Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Suit: A dark conservative suit is your best bet. Wear a two piece suit with a button down jacket with a skirt at a modest length (knee length) or pants.

Blouse: A white or light colored blouse that is high cut. The employers do not need to see cleavage!

Shoes: Black and well-polished closed-toe with about a one inch heel. Use natural tone or sheer black pantyhose.

Accessories: Wear minimal jewelry. The employer will not be impressed with your 5 inch hoops! Instead, wear small studs since they will not be distracting. Bring a professional briefcase to hold your resume. (As shown in picture)



Suit: A dark conservative 2 or 3 button suit. Make sure it is pressed and well-fitted.

Shirt: Choose a white cotton long sleeve dress shirt to add a subtle color to the outfit.

Tie: This is where you can get creative, but don’t go overboard by choosing the wackiest one you have. Make sure it matches the rest of your outfit, and keep it simple! For example, a solid color or simple pattern.

Shoes: Black and well-polished dress shoes along with black socks.

Accessories: You may not need to worry about jewelry selection so much, but bringing a professional briefcase is just as important. Make sure it can fit your resume.


Interviews can be stressful, so it is important to be confident in the way you look. It will be one less thing to be stressed about! If you have time right before the interview begins, go into the bathroom to check your hair and outfit in the mirror. This certainly goes for when you have been driving with all the windows down on your way to the interview! So go in there showing your confidence, because it is about looking professional, not about looking fashionable.

For any questions or further tips, register for a mock interview at the Career Development Center! It is located on the second floor of Lawrence.

Written by Jennifer Ryan, Peer Educator