Ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to get all your work done? Here are a few ways to better manage your time and reduce the stress in your life!

Make today count: A week’s worth of work can seem overwhelming at times. To help make it more manageable, try making a to-do list for the day that prioritizes your assignments based on importance and urgency.

It’s a date: If you forget an assignment or a test, your stress levels are sure to increase. I write everything down in a planner immediately to prevent this from happening. This helps me stay on top of my work.

Get started: “It’s not due until next week; I have plenty of time,” “My favorite show is on; I’ll just do this tomorrow.” This is something many college students, including myself, are guilty of doing: procrastinating. In order to reduce the stress in your life, it’s time to put those excuses aside and get to work. Even if it’s only a half hour of work, at least you got started!

Take a breather: Taking a break is just as important as getting your work done. Constantly being on the go can actually add to your stress rather than relieving it. Schedule “me time” in your calendar or try doing work for about 90 minutes with 20 to 30 minute breaks of relaxation in between.

Now, when you’re feeling stressed about the paper that’s due next week, the two assignments that are coming up, and the test that you have to study for, don’t panic! Just follow these few tips and you’ll be sure to finish your semester stress free!

Written by Carly Odynsky, Peer Educator